New Lockdown declared in France as of Friday 30th October

We are now in a new lockdown period in France.

If this means you can no longer come and visit properties with us in person, you can rest assured that we are continuing to work for you. We are doing the following:

  • Updating and adding new properties on our website
  • Exchanging emails and calls with buyers and vendors
  • Putting together property lists, sending you available information and material on your preferred properties
  • Accompanying you on live virtual tours
  • Taking on new sales mandates
  • Carrying out virtual signing using an e-signing facility for all legal documents.

The buying process will continue for all the ongoing sales as notaires, banks, administrations and France Property Angels continue to work.

With our best wishes to all our clients from the France Property Angels Team

Regions in the South of France

Find out more information about the regions in the South of France that we cover
Escalesarrow Ferrals-les-Corbièresarrow Lagrassearrow Lézignan-Corbièresarrow Ornaisonsarrow Saint-André-de-Roquelonguearrow Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerissearrow

The Corbières is an area of the South of France. It is picturesque with wine growing areas alternating with garigue and mountainous countryside. The River Aude borders the Corbières to the west and north. To the south is the River Agly and to the east the Mediterranean Sea. The area is known for its wine and Cathare castles.

Ventenac en Minervoisarrow La Caunettearrow La Livinièrearrow Minervearrow Peyriac-Minervoisarrow

The Minervois is a beautiful area of the South of France situated between the Canal du Midi to the South, the Montagne Noire to the North, The Narbonne sector to the East and the medieval city of Carcassonne to the West. The Minervois is particularly renowned for its wine.

Aigues-Vivesarrow Calvissonarrow Caveiracarrow Clarensacarrow Gallargues-le-Montueuxarrow

The Vaunage is an area of Languedoc Roussillon located between Sommieres and Nimes, north of the Camargue and half an hour from the local beaches. It is a sun-baked valley of “garrigue” (low, soft-leaved scrubland vegetation typical of the Meditarranean region) and vineyards surrounded by hills that isolate it from the surroundings. Its geographical situation has led to a strong regional identity.

Quissacarrow Sauvearrow St-Hippolyte-du-Fortarrow

The Piemont Cevenol goes from the foot of the Cevennes Mountains to the plain North of Sommieres. It is approximately one hour from the Sea. The Vidourle River begins as a trickle on the southern edge of the Cevennes Mountains and flows through this area. This part of the Gard is a quiet rural corner of Languedoc Roussillon, relatively unexplored.

Aimarguesarrow Bernisarrow Codognanarrow Vergezearrow

The « Plaine de la Vistrenque » is a wide plain of the Gard that goes from Nîmes on the East side to Lunel on the West and lies between the Vaunage on its North and the Costières on its South. The villages of the Plaine de la Vistrenque are pretty and typical of the villages of the Languedoc Roussillon, but also have very easy access to all the local big towns, main stations and airports (Nîmes, Montpellier, Avignon, Marseilles, Arles).

The Cevennes are a range of mountains in southern France, covering parts of the departements of Ardeche, Gard, Herault and Lozere. This is a quiet rural area so its ideal for relaxing holidays or for fun outdoor adventurous activities. Several parts of the Cevennes are listed by UNESCO: the “Cirque de Navacelles”, the “Causse de Blandas” and the Cevennes National Park.


This area of the Gard offers stunning scenery and lots to do: rivers to swim in, caves (Trabuc Grotte) to explore, vineyards to sample, hills to hike, steam trains, the Bambousserie (Ornate garden with Bamboo). There are many pretty villages and little towns in this area such as Anduze, a popular medieval town with narrow streets, hidden squares, ancient fountains and a good selection of cafes, restaurants and shops.


Sitting between Provence and the Languedoc, the Uzege region is dotted with charming villages and planted with fruit trees, vines and truffle oaks. Close to Avignon and Nîmes, Uzes reveals an incomparable charm and Latin grace. This lively little town attracts foreign and local visitors with its many restaurants, beautiful shops and fabulous weekly market.


The “Pays de Lunel” is situated in Languedoc Roussillon on the Eastern side of the Herault department, on the Western bank of the Vidourle River that marks the border between the departments of Herault and Gard.

Aigues-Mortesarrow St-Gillesarrow Vauvertarrow

South of Nimes, in Languedoc Roussillon, stretching from East to West lies the Costieres, a low plateau of vineyards and garrigue (low, soft-leaved scrubland vegetation typical of the Mediterranean region). Then further South, the Costieres give way to Camargue, a magical place between land and sea where lakes, marshes and low-lying land are home to colourful fauna, flora and traditions.

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