The Cevennes

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The Cevennes are a range of mountains in southern France, covering parts of the departements of Ardeche, Gard, Herault and Lozere. This is a quiet rural area so its ideal for relaxing holidays or for fun outdoor adventurous activities.

Several parts of the Cevennes are listed by UNESCO: the “Cirque de Navacelles”, the “Causse de Blandas” and the Cevennes National Park.

Many villages of the Cevennes enjoyed prosperity first producing wool and then silk until a nineteenth-century epidemic wiped out the mulberry plants on which the silkworms depended. One can still see many old Magnaneries (large farms built of stone where the silk was produced), some of which are sometimes for sale.

Today the area produces « Pelardon des Cevennes », a flavourful goats’ milk cheese, chestnuts, Cevennes onions, honey. You can also go mushroom hunting. Some of the producers have converted to organic and it is also quite easy to buy directly from the farmer. The area also has several local markets that sell these local products.

Le Vigan, Valleraugue, Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Anduze, Ales, Genolhac, Portes are some of the lovely small towns of the Cevennes Gardoises.

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