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Sommieres’ Roman bridge over the river Vidourle was built during the 1st Century as part of the Roman road linking Nimes to Toulouse. Sommieres and its surrounding villages are also situated on a crossroads between the Cevennes Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic situation has been favourable to the development of commerce in the area throughout the centuries.

Culturally and linguistically the River Vidourle can be considered as the boundary between the Languedoc and the Provence traditions (although administratively today it is the Rhône that marks this border).

This historic valley of Languedoc Roussilon is appreciated today for its authenticity: Medieval remains, Roman bridges, Romanesque churches, olive oil production, quaint villages with narrow streets and shady town squares are some of the many pleasures offered by the area.

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Overlooking the Vidourle River, ideally situated in Languedoc Roussillon between Sea and Mountain, Nimes and Montpellier, this mediaeval town was first created by the Romans.

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