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The Piemont Cevenol in Languedoc Roussillon goes from the foot of the Cevennes Mountains to the plain North of Sommieres. It is approximately one hour from the Sea. The Vidourle River begins as a trickle on the southern edge of the Cevennes Mountains and flows through this area. This part of the Vidourle Valley is a quiet rural corner of the Gard, relatively unexplored.

The Piemont Cevenol has a few small towns and many pretty villages.

This area used to produce silk until a nineteenth-century epidemic wiped out the mulberry plants on which the silkworms depended. One can still find a lot of the old Magnaneries (large farms built of stone where the silk was produced), some of which are sometimes for sale.

Today the area produces « Pelardon des Cevennes », a flavourful goats’ milk cheese, chestnuts, Cevennes onions and a lot of fruit and vegetables. Some of the producers have converted to organic and it is also quite easy to buy directly from the farmer. The area also has several local markets that sell these local products.

The Piemont Cevenol is also and ideal area for all sorts of outdoor activities. 


Locations in Region

Quissac is a large picturesque village along the Vidourle River located between the Cevennes Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea in Languedoc Roussillon. It is surrounded by vineyards and garrigue, a type of Mediterranean scrubland.

Sauve used to be a fortified town. A castle, that once was the summer retreat of the bishops of Maguelone, still presides over the village. The old town is a maze of twisting alleys, some of which are covered. The view from the other side of the bridge ov

Saint Hippolyte-du-Fort, eight kilometres west of Sauve, across undulating farmland, is the highest town along the Vidourle River. It lies just before the foothills of the Cevennes (the Southern part of the Massif Central mountains) in the Languedoc Rouss

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