This village of Languedoc Roussillon is situated on the Vidourle River 20 km before it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Marsillargues lies at mid distance between Montpellier and Nimes (35 km from both these large local towns) in the departement of Herault. The Southern part of the commune is part of the swampy lands of Petite Camargues. Just 4 km North West of Marsillargues, the little local town of Lunel offers many cultural activities as well as all the necessary facilities.

Marsillargues was made into a fiefdom by Philippe le Bel in 1295. The castle today has a magnificent Renaissance style façade, quite rare for this part of the Languedoc. The village also has old Catholic and Protestant Churches, as do many of the villages in this area of Languedoc Roussillon.


The production of wine was and still is one of the important activities for the village that has one of France’s largest wineries. The local tradition of bull farming and bull games is also extremely present in Marsillargues. The village has an interesting bull arena built in the middle of the village shaped to adapt the position of the houses and streets.

Marsillargues has a population of 6000. It has schools, some shops and services. The close-by town of Lunel also offers useful facilities including several weekly markets, a covered market, cultural activities, restaurants and cafés.

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