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The alpine town of Morzine is one of the most popular destinations in the French Alps. It offers hundreds of kilometers of high quality skiing and snowboarding; a picturesque village; friendly locals; and a summer full of sunshine, mountain biking, and hikes. It is for this reason that Morzine has become a home, or at least a second home, to so many people. But settling into a new community, especially if there is a language barrier, can be a challenge. So some clever second home owners set up ARM - The Association of Residents of Morzine. ARM consists of people who own second homes in Morzine (or in a nearby town) and has 4 simple aims and objectives:
  1. It wanted to enable residents to find each other, meet each other, and get to know each other.
  2. It wanted to actively participate in Morzine life
  3. It wanted to offer security and protect the interests of 2nd home owners
  4. It wanted to help keep people informed.
And ARM has successfully achieved all those things. It regularly organises activities and events for its members, such as tennis tournaments, golf days, walks, picnics, barbecues, and meals at Christmas and summer. ARM regularly meets with the Mayor and Town Council members to express their views on the management of the municipality and its choices for future development. ARM Residents pay exactly the same taxes as the local permanent residents so ARM works hard to try and ensure that its members enjoy the same benefits, such as local ski-lifts pass prices and discounts with various different businesses and sports facilities. ARM also publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep members up-to-date with Morzine life and the activity of the association. Pretty impressive stuff and definitely not something you want to keep at arms length! For more information on ARM go to For more information on properties to buy in Morzine so that you qualify to join ARM visit Alpine Angels

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