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Samoens welcomes skating royalty

UntitledOnly the most avid British skating fans would recognise him, but to the French, he’s Torvill and Dean rolled up together. Philippe Candeloro is a French double Olympic Bronze medallist (1994 and 1998), and on Saturday 18th February, at the newly named Philippe Candeloro ice-rink in Samoens, he was given the keys to the town. He took the opportunity to enthral the audience with the rendition of his most famous dance, modelled on the character of D’Artagnon from the Three Muskateers. Triple axels, pirouettes and back flips peppered this fabulous dance, with a lively sword sequence in the middle – what could be better?

His ice-dancing troop then took to the ice, with a fantastical story of ‘Clara’ a mythical princess who battles wolves, walking trees, elves and Gangnam-style penguins (yes, you heard it here) in a skating spectacular where Clara’s real-life thoughts melt into her dreams.

Watched by a packed audience, which included the local skating club – ‘Glisse-Ice’ –

Untitled2Members, who queued to have an autograph of their hero before he left, this really was an evening to remember. What’s even better is that Philippe promised to return to Samoens regularly to delight us with his amazing energy and talent. We can’t wait!

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