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New Ice Rink in Samoens

Kate Hodge and her family love the new ice rink

Ice Rink Samoens 1

It’s been the source of some local controversy, but the long-awaited (and somewhat delayed) opening of the new ice rink in Samoens took place in time for the half-term holiday in October – and suddenly, it was worth the wait!  If the old ice rink somewhat resembled an old bus shelter – and wasn’t much bigger in size – then the new version is a soaring wonder in steel and wood, with plenty of room for everybody, whether you are a hardened ice-hockey type, or just want to pretend to be Torvill and Dean for an afternoon.

Ice Rink Samoens 2

Right in the heart of the village, just opposite the Tourist Information Office (which is also receiving a re-vamp before the Winter Season), the ice rink has plenty of parking, new changing facilities and spectator seating.  Its magnificent wooden roof protects from the weather, but the rest of the rink is open air, allowing for great views of the mountains all around.  Supported on one side by thundering laminated wooden beams, to say it’s an impressive structure is an understatement.  If you haven’t visited Samoens for a while, almost every view from the mountains into the village has now changed: with the new roof becoming a landmark focal point.

My children adore it.  Skates have been ordered on Amazon, and the usual autumn frustration before the skiing starts has been replaced with a new-found excitement to skate.  Of course, more importantly for the local economy, this new facility is intended to boost visitor numbers to Samoens, where there is now more than just skiing in the winter months to occupy holiday-makers.  The new rink provides not only an option for non-skiers, but for those who simply can’t get enough of winter sports, the rink is open long into the evening, after the pistes are closed.  ‘Disco’ evenings are also organised on a Tuesday.

The facilities in Samoens are now acknowledged to be amongst the best in the alps.  For a small, picturesque village to offer the wealth of activities that it does makes it one of the best places to live and holiday in the Alps.  But then, maybe I’m biased?

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