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Evergreen Endurance

Looking at this weekend’s stats from the Evergreen 228 ultra triathlon has left Dave Thompson breathless!

Lac Montriond

 I asked myself could I swim the two loops of Lac Montriond that comprise the 4km first leg of this monstrous race? Well I swim in the lake fairly often and I completed the Dart 10k last weekend so I’m confident I could at least complete this. I might even enjoy it given the dramatic surroundings and the pleasant water temperatures late Summer.

And how would I fare on the 181km bike section from the shores of the lake to the foot of the eglise Saint Michel in Chamonix, taking in the Col Joux Vert, the Col de l’Encrennaz, the Col de la Rammaz, the Col de la Colombiere and the Col des Aravis? I suppose if I trained hard for three months and had plenty of stops on the day I might be able to complete a ride of this magnitude. I’ve cycled these cols (except Aravis – always good to have something on the to do list) plenty of times before, admittedly not on the same day, so I at least have an idea of how hard it would be.

I trained hard for the 24km Trail des Cretes du Chablais at the start of the Summer and completed it at a modest pace. Would I have been happy to add another 20kms onto that? Mmm, doubtful, I was pretty much broken afterwards.

So I ask myself could I complete these three grueling legs one after another on a hot day in September? And miss my Sunday Roast? Absolutely not! Although there is the mini version of the event…

So hats off to Estonian Heiko Sepp who in a staggering 16 hours and 46 minutes and the other 21 athletes who completed the course within the 24 hour limit.

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