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Top Tips for selling your Alpine Holiday Home

Rhiannon Cook gives advice on how to make your property attractive to prospective buyers

The Autumn is often a busy time in the Alpine Property market, with the run up to Christmas sparking interest for buyers looking to complete before the winter season. Alpine Angels takes a look at how Vendors can optimise their chances of selling during this busy time.

One of the key elements to attracting positive attention is to depersonalise your property. Prospective buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in a place and this is hard to do when it is very much ‘personalised’ by someone else. It’s best to keep the décor as neutral as possible so remove any Damien Hirst or similar from the living room wall! Too much clutter can make a property look small and confusing on first appearance, so try to have a good clear out before your viewings.

You can cover up a magnitude of sins with a small inexpensive ‘facelift’. It might be worth giving the main areas a repaint, focusing on spots that are at the eye level of a potential buyer. Try to look at your property with a stranger’s eye; we get so used to imperfections when we look at them every day.

If you have pets or children, consider asking a neighbor to look after them during the visit as the more people in a room the smaller it feels. Prospective clients may feel uncomfortable with a large group of strangers or animals and this can cause an awkward feeling in a room.

Photos are the key to getting buyers into your home and this is not something the local agents have yet mastered. If you are selling through a local agent make sure they have taken great photos, and if not consider taking some better ones yourself. It’s also worth considering a professional photographer for the larger chalets. We use Jacqui Cutler for our chalets:

Having some life in the place will help to make the property feel lived in, even if it’s a neutral look. Fill the fruit bowl with tempting looking fruit, replenish the wine rack with some local bottles, and get some fresh flowers on the living room table.

People moving to the Alps will be excited for the French life style and looking to enjoy all that the mountains have to offer. Be open to talk about all the great facilities available in the area, the ski lifts, market day, mushroom picking in the autumn and all the great things that make the area what it is. I would even be tempted to casually display a baguette and some cheese in the kitchen!

If you would like any further advice on selling your Alpine Property please get in touch with Alpine Angels.

Rhiannon Cook is the representative for Alpine Angels in the Chamonix Valley. You can contact Rhiannon by e-mail

Alpine Angels office : 0044(0)1225 442128

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