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Summer wildlife in the Alps

mountain with chamoisSummer in the Alps is one of best times to see some of our most beautiful and treasured wildlife. There are many different species of animals and plant life that thrive here adding another dimension to this spectacular landscape. The opportunity for spotting these wonders happens almost every time you set foot outside as the Alps has the highest concentration of reserves, regional and National Parks in France.

mountain with chamoisSome of the larger animals like dear and wild boar can be found lower down  grazing but the Ibex and Chamois are normally found higher up on more mountainous rocky terrain. Bird watching is just as enjoyable as we have a wide range of around 200 native species such as The Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and common Buzzard to name a few. The most iconic animal in the Alps is the Marmot. Classed as a rodent it makes its home above the tree line in networks of burrows hibernating between October and March.

alpine flowers on mountain

With over 13,000 species of plant life there is something for everyone, whether you enjoy making Genepi from the local Wormwood plant or admiring the natural wild flowers in rolling meadows the Alps offers a huge range that you don’t often see in any other environment.

Chamois de la Dent de Vaulion marmotte bird of prey in the alps   deer in the alps.

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