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Living with our eyes open

Portes du SoleilIt occurred to me the other morning whilst out walking with friends (in the pouring rain I hasten to add) that my recent appointment as an agent for France Property Angels, has reopened my eyes to the splendour of living in the mountains.

How come, you might ask? Without being aware, I’d become complacent to my surroundings, even in this amazing place.

So I owe a big thank you to all the lovely clients I’ve spent time with over the last couple of months – as they twist and turn their thoughts and ideas in order to pursue their dream of owning the perfect mountain retreat.

Their appreciation and enthusiasm for this lovely place, that I’m lucky enough to call home, has revitalised my outlook.

Portes du Soleil

I’d never really thought about it before, but now is the perfect time to take a few days out of busy lives to explore the area and visit some properties. It’s easy to look around at one’s leisure and absorb the environment without the hustle and bustle that the tourist seasons bring.

There’s a certain peace and serenity at this time of the year as everything prepares for the onslaught of Winter, even the lighting takes on a soft hue, absorbing the rich colours that are so abundant.

Spending time walking the trails, with the camera, helps to cement the images for posterity and allows me to make full use of the fantastic Autumn weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few days.Portes du Soleil

So anyone out there preparing to make the trip, I look forward to meeting you and giving you the grand tour of all that’s on offer in this magical part of the world, and hopefully help you choose your perfect mountain retreat.



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