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Why buy a ski studio?

studio apartment floor plan

If you’re passionate about hitting the slopes and dream of having your own place to unwind in after a day on the mountains a ski studio might be the option for you.

For those of us who just love to ski or snowboard getting out into the Alps as often as we can each season can be a costly hobby. You can easily spend thousands of pounds each year on accommodation alone. Instead of pouring all that money into the pockets of chalet or hotel owners it might be worth considering becoming a property owner yourself. It’s a popular misconception that you have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy your own place in a ski resort. If your budget is on the smaller side or you want to keep costs low a ski studio might be the perfect option for you.

What is a ski studio?

Coin MontagneWith such a range of terms for all the different types of properties out there from chalets and lodges to maisonettes and apartments you might be wondering what a ski studio is. Firstly a studio, or studio apartment, is a single roomed apartment incorporating the living, kitchen and sleeping areas with a separate bathroom. They can also contain a mezzanine & sofa beds which provide extra sleeping space. Some studios come with a coin montagne which is an alcove containing bunk beds.

Ski studios often come with an area in which to store your ski or snowboarding equipment. This area may be a shared room within a apartment block or residence or it may be a private locker in the cellar. Apartment blocks and residences may also offer their own facilities for residents, such as a pool or health spa.

What are the advantages?

Studio propertySki studios are one of the cheapest options when it comes to buying alpine property. Not only in the price of the property but also in the running and maintenance costs with lower energy, water and tax bills.
Their smaller size also means that they can often be found in very convenient locations, close to the resort centre, its amenities and, perhaps most importantly, those crucial ski lifts.

Studio apartments can also be a great source of extra income, they’re a popular choice for holidaymakers as they offer a relatively low cost option for accommodation.Their smaller size also keeps the cost of cleaning and management down if you chose to hire a company to help manage your rental and the lower maintenance costs means you get to keep a bigger share of the profits.

If you do decide to rent out your studio when you’re not using it in the winter and summer months you don’t necessarily have to become a formal holiday business. Property letting can conveniently be done by setting up a simple website and/or placing adverts with holiday accommodation advertising portals online. There are a range of both general and specialist websites out there. One excellent example of a specialist is ChaletFinder who advertise ski accommodation of all sorts and their sister site AdventureFinder which appeals to the summer activity holiday market.

Our top 6 studios under €100 000

So if you like the idea of having you’re own little place in the French Alps for your ski trips and want to keep costs down we’ve picked out a few studio apartments under €100 000 to get you started.

first floor studio in ChatelStudio apartment in St Jean d'AulpsLiving area and kitchenette of studio in La Chapelle d'AbondanceDining area and kitchenette in an apartmentStudio living area with fireplace in MorillonLes Get studio apartment

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