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The ski property market in 2017

samoens_chalets_layssia_cgi_exterior_2(1)Halfway through the 2017 ski season, snow falling in the Alps and where are we?

After the unpredictable events of 2016, it’s probably safer not to make too many predictions for 2017, especially with a Trump in the White House and the start of Brexit is just around the corner. So what is most likely to happen to the ski property market this year?

The only way is up for interest rates in the Eurozone?
Buyers in the Eurozone have enjoyed historically low interest rates for a while now. Interest rates, while staying low, are predicted to rise before the end of the year due to an increase in the global cost of borrowing. So now looks like the time to grab a long term fixed rate mortgage while the best terms are available. 

Currency continues its bumpy ride?
Sterling has settled a little in the last few months generally floating between £1 to €1:15 and €1:17. Obviously a change in either direction can make a significant difference when dealing with large sums of money for a ski property purchase or sale. The Eurozone has some important elections to come in the next few months, in The Netherlands and France, while the UK will soon trigger Article 50. As any of these events could affect the direction of Sterling it makes sense to talk to a currency broker to work out the best way forward for any planned currency exchanges.

Property of the WeekA buyer’s market or a seller’s market?
While it’s a regular question from both sides of the fence, it’s too early to draw any conclusions on 2017. So far buyers are showing particular interest in ski resorts which offer good value, such as the Grand Massif ski resort of Samoens, where it is possible to find a farm to renovate for under €400k

Over in the Chamonix valley, buyers are waiting patiently for good-sized chalets to come up to for sale in Argentiere and taking their pick of the largest choice of new-builds in the valley for a long time

We’ll take stock again in a few months, so keep reading!”

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