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Snow comes early – confounding the doommongers!

early snow  french alps snowy village Whisper it quietly, but with only a few weeks to go before the Winter Season starts, there is a chance that one of the best piste-bases to have been set down in years could just have arrived! If it is the case, and the cold weather continues, we could be in to one of the best Christmas seasons for a very long time – following two years of disappointing snow during the festivities.

Yet again, nature has a way of confounding expectations, and confirming that this region still offers fun in abundance for a huge international clientele, and of course, confirms the fact that this is a solid place to invest in property as a result.

early snow piste open french alps2016 has been an extraordinary year in many ways. If nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition, they expected Brexit and the Trump bombshell even less. Investments of all kinds are in a topsy-turvy state, and interest rates are still at an all-time low. Investors are scratching around for opportunities, and often unearthing only stale pickings.

And here, in the heart of the alps, is a property market that has remained stable and solidly growing for decades. Because people love to ski, they continue to spend on their holidays, and rental receipts are strong. Inevitably, this has a knock-on effect on the housing market, and keeps the bubble in this region particularly buoyant. And because those coming to ski are international, the overall tourist ‘dollar’ is protected from the vagaries of international exchange rate fluctuations.

Alpine fondue dinner happy french alps So, why not swap the ups and downs of the stock market for the ups and downs of the pistes – and make the most of what we all hope will be a beautifully white, crunchy and sparkling winter season.

After all, could there be any investment the world-over that could possibly be as much fun?



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