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Dream of buying a chalet? What about a whole village!

Village in the Italian Alps

Of all the quirky things for sale on Ebay this one takes the biscotti!

Calsazio villageBrowsing through Ebay you’re always bound to make some interesting and unusual finds and if you’re savvy and quick on the draw in bidding wars you can get some pretty good deals. Property for sale on Ebay is nothing new but one thing we didn’t quite expect to see is a whole village for sale.

The village in question is Calsazio, a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of the beautiful Gran Paradiso national park 35 miles North West of Turin. The village consists of 14 traditionally built stone and timber houses combining around 50 rooms.

The population of Calsazio has fallen over the years as residents, particularly the younger generations, have moved away to the larger towns and cities looking for work. The few remaining residents of Calsazio have tried selling their properties individually but haven’t had any success and so have decided to sell the 14 properties together.

rustic buildings of CalsazioThe village was listed with a ‘Buy it Now’ price of €245 000, local pickup only. The seller, known only as ‘it2014.piemo’ on Ebay, claims it to be in a strategic position, and with the close proximity to Turin and the vast mountainous area of Gran Paradiso on its doorstep it really does have the potential to become a boutique alpine resort. Imagine the possibilities of having a whole village to yourself, you could open up your own holiday resort or keep as your own private alpine getaway for all your friends and family. All you need to do is get together around 50 friends, put a few thousand euros in a pot each and it’s yours!

You may be surprised at the staggeringly low price for these 14 homes but considering their condition, ‘used’ according to the listing, you’ll start to understand why. Many of the houses are in a dilapidated state and would need some serious renovation work to bring them up to standard.
The sale is being assisted by Italy’s National Union of Mountain Communities (UNCEM) and they’ve said that the buyer would need to respect the traditional architecture and natural beauty of the village. Any renovations carried out would need to maintain the traditional building style so as to keep the rustic charm of this mountain hamlet.

There’s been interest from potential buyers around the globe but it appears a sale hasn’t been agreed on yet. Maybe they could be bargained with for a lower price if you’re up for the challenge of a lifetime?

If developing a village is a little out of your league and you’re interested in buying in the Alps why not take a look at some French alpine properties?

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