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BNP Paribas – Investing & living abroad


BNP Paribas’ annual “Investing & living abroad” survey has just been published looking at the trends and changes in the French Property Market over the 12-18 months.


The biggest headline was the value of the average property transaction, which had increased across France with some regions seeing a rise of up to +12%.


The buyer profile for France shifted slightly with French expatriates becoming the biggest overseas buyer followed by the Swiss, utilising the strength of their currency to buy up property in the French Alps, and the UK coming in 3rd representing 11% of the market.

BNP extended this year’s report to look at the impact of the internet on house buying. It found that:

– Over 80% of international buyers used the internet to find houses for sale

– 88% of British buyers started their search online

– 73% of buyers researched comparative prices online

– They also used the Internet to find information on the local property market and to look for an estate agent and property professionals

– A staggering 48% of purchasers stated that they could not have found their property without the help of the Internet

The Internet seems to be used less for the financial part of the purchasing process.

The future of France

France continues to retain its strength and appeal as a property investment of choice.

Of the purchasers questioned 61% said they hadn’t even considered investing in a country other than France. 97% said that they saw France as a having great long term investment potential. 42% already planned a further acquisition in the near future with 50% of the respondents already in a position to confirm France would once again be their country of choice.

Even Estate Agents received a mention in this year’s report with 91% of respondents saying they were happy with the level of service they received from their estate agents. Estate agents themselves confirmed the trend in internet usage stressing the attention that had to be paid to the description of a property and the quality of the photos placed online as these are the elements which determine the attractiveness of the ad.

“The photos are the most important thing” one estate agent commented “because people don’t read any more. Anything more than three lines and they lose interest. They don’t even read the fourth line…”

Which means I may be the only person to reach the end of this article! For more information on the French Property Market in the Alps please get in touch with Alpine Angels

0044 (0)1225 442128

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